Updating the WP Broadbean plugin to version 3

Find about more about how to update the WP Broadbean WordPress plugin to the new version 3.0.

Today we released a new version (version 3.0) of the WP Broadbean WordPress plugin. This plugin is the most popular way of integrating a WordPress website with Broadbean job posting and distribution and allows jobs written in Broadbean to be published on your WordPress website.

Version 3 of the plugin is a complete re-write from the ground up in order to make using and developing for the plugin much easier and efficient. As a result of these changes, it does mean updating from a version prior to version 3.0 will break your current integration.

In this post, I am going to outline the main changes in the hope this helps people understand better what they need to do if or when they choose to update.

Image of the a job post being edited in WordPress using WP Broadbean version 3.0
Version 3.0 of the plugin allows users to use the new block editor in WordPress.

Not one size fits all

Before I outline some of the things that you need to be aware of when updating, I think it is important to say that these instructions are not going to work for everybody.

Many websites use the WP Broadbean plugin in many different ways. Some have pretty much used it out-of-the-box whereas others have heavily customised the plugin using its extensible features such as actions and filters. Therefore I cannot be sure exactly what your installation looks like and how it behaves.

With this in mind, the information below should be seen more of a starting point to help you with your upgrade should you choose to move to version 3.0.

What is has changed?

Here, I am going to outline the things that have changed and therefore things you will need to take into account when updating. Many of these are developer focused and therefore some of the wording is and needs to be a little technical.

The posting URL or endpoint

Versions of the plugin prior to version 3.0, used an endpoint or posting URL with could be found at domain.com/?wpbb=broadbean. Many users found this confusing and in some situations caused problems in certain setups.

Therefore with version 3.0, we have made this a prettier URL. The new endpoint, also known as the posting URL is located at:


With this in mind, it does mean that Broadbean will need to be notified of the change of posting URL so they can amend your feed to post jobs to the correct location.

Of course in the examples above ‘domain.com’ would be replaced for your actual WordPress website domain.

In addition to the change in endpoint URL, the file loaded to process the data sent to this endpoint has also moved both within the plugin and also within your sites active theme, should you be overwriting the endpoint file in that way.

Job fields

The original plugin took the default job fields provided by Broadbean. However, in our experience 50% of these fields were not required by and/or not used by clients we worked with.

Therefore, in the new version, we have slimmed down the fields to those mainly requested. Below is a list of the default job fields now associated with each job in version 3.0.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Short description
  • Job reference
  • Application email
  • Application URL
  • Salary display
  • Salary
  • Salary from
  • Salary to
  • Currency
  • Days to advertise
  • Consultant email

Of course, all of these fields are extensible meaning developers can add to and remove fields.

Job field meta box rendering

In older versions of the plugin the job fields where rendered on the post edit screens in a meta box using the CMB meta box framework. For 2 reasons this has been removed in the new plugin.

  1. The CMB meta box framework is no longer supported or developed for
  2. The new plugin now works with the new block editor (formerly known as Gutenberg) and as such the way job fields are rendered needed to change.

Due to this change, it does mean that the arguments declared for each field such as the field ID, name, type and desc etc. have also changed. This means that if you previously made alterations to these fields, or added new fields, it is almost certain that they will no longer work.

Plugin settings

In older versions of the plugin, the plugin settings had to be declared in 2 different places. This was not optimal and meant code was declared in two places and not following the DRY principle.

To fix this the settings have both been changed (different settings are needed in version 3.0) and also changed the way they are registered. Therefore, if you have made any amends to settings these are going to be lost in an update.

Applications storage changes

The new version of the plugin never stores any applicant data permanently, with no option or setting to change this. The application data is stored temporarily whilst it is processed and then deleted for data protection purposes.

Application form

The application form itself has seen a number of changes. The biggest from a development point of view has seen the application form fields made extensible. This makes it much easier for developers to edit the application form fields for those users who want to collect different data at the point of a candidate application.

The other change is that there is no longer a single application page, but each job page has an application form rendered beneath the job post output.

Full managed Broadbean integration with WordPress

We are specialists at integrating Broadbean with WordPress, taking care of getting you up and running quickly. If you need assistance updating to WP Broadbean version 3.0 we can help take care of it for you.

Get in touch


As the plugin has gone through whole-scale changes we highly recommend using a testing or staging site in order to run the update, make the development changes you need to and test whether everything works before indicating the changes to the Broadbean integrations team so they can edit your feed to reflect the changes.

If you are looking for assistance in integrating WP Broadbean version 3.0 then please do get in touch for a quote.

Download for free from WordPress.org

Download the WP Broadbean plugin from the WordPress plugin repository.

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