WordPress plugin gets national US TV coverage

Sex degrees of separation calculator

In 2015 we worked with Lloyds Pharmacy to build a WordPress plugin that was the basis of a new marketing campaign. The plugin had over 1 billion views and was featured on an Emmy award winning US TV show.

A WordPress plugin for a ‘viral’ campaign

Lloyds approached us to build an online calculator that would be the basis of a new marketing campaign called “Sex degrees of separation“. The concept was fairly simple, taking data from a survey that they had commissioned, Lloyds Pharmacy wanted to provide a way to show users how many potential indirect sexual partners that they had.

They had run a similar campaign a few years previously, but the calculator was clunky, and un-inspiring. The goal was to raise awareness of STIs and also drive sales of some key related products by creating a tool that was highly sharable, and to take advantage of mobile browsing and social networks.

Working closely together, and within very tight timescales, we designed and built a WordPress plugin that could be deployed across a number of the Lloyds Pharmacy websites.

We built in options to edit the data, and also the styling, so that the design would match that of the parent website.

Global reach

The marketing effort by Lloyds Pharmacy was hugely successful and the tool had instant, viral success. It was viewed over 1 billion times and used by 1.1 million users (at last count). It was shared over 20,000 times and featured on sites including:

  • Daily Mail
  • Marie Claire
  • LADBible

Perhaps the most exciting result was seeing the plugin used and discussed live on a popular US TV show – The Doctors.

You can view the video by clicking this link.

View the “Sex degrees of separation” tool here.

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