WordPress Q&A on Facebook Live

Whilst on our first retreat of the year, we held a Facebook live session where we discussed general questions and answers from viewers about WordPress. It was really fun!

Do you have a question about WordPress? Is there something that you don’t know how to do and would like some help? Are you a developer that is struggling to get something done?

On January 9th 2018 we are going to be running a 45 minute Facebook Live video stream, to answer questions from our audience. We also have a few things we can discuss but we would love to get people on the stream asking their questions.

If you would like to join us then please feel free to view our Facebook page on January 9th 2018 at midday. We hope to hear from you then.

UPDATE: As this event has now taken place you can watch the WordPress F&Q Facebook live video below:

About the author

Mark is the lead WordPress developer at Highrise Digital. He has been working with WordPress for over 15 years, way back to 2005. He focuses on back-end development, integrating the website build with WordPress so everything can be editable.