WordPress Tunbridge Wells Meetup – June 2018

Last night I had the pleasure of giving my Future CSS talk at the WordPress Tunbridge Wells meetup. It was my first WordPress meetup outside of London and it’s great to see communities forming and thriving outside of major towns and cities.


After a pleasant drive of just over an hour, I arrived in the very lovely town of (Royal) Tunbridge Wells. I parked up at the recommended spot and walked the short distance to the venue at TheHouse, a co-working space in the centre of town.

The room that we were in was small but nicely laid out, with a large TV on the wall, kitchen down one side and comfortable chairs to sit in.

I was early (it helps to calm my nerves about public speaking) and I introduced myself to Andrew, one of the organisers and had a chat with a few people.

There were two talks, and first up was Spencer Nash from Creative Outline – a web design and development agency in Tunbridge Wells.

Spencer’s talk was about Advanced Custom Fields, which is a plugin that extends the WordPress edit screens with customised fields and inputs, such as gallery fields, repeater fields, image uploads, etc. and helps to create a user-friendly, robust content editing experience. We make extensive use of this plugin at Highrise Digital.

Spencer’s talk was excellent, he pitched it perfectly for the audience and took time to ensure that people understood – taking questions along the way. He also included lots of video of himself using the plugin, which really helped people to understand how and why to use it.

After Spencer’s talk, we moved outside to a decked area for pizza that was provided for free, and I got the chance to meet a few more of the group members.

Then it was time for my talk. I had realised by this point that this talk was going to be on the technical side for most of the audience, but I also knew that there was at least a handful who worked with CSS, so I hoped that they would all get something from it.


I think the talk went well – I didn’t get booed off, and I didn’t see anyone sleeping or leave – so I’ll take that as a win! 🙂 The other organiser, Dominic, had a few good follow-up questions, which always helps too.

I always find it fascinating to find out about who uses WordPress, how they use it and their unique experiences of it. It’s good to break out of the developer bubble and meet people who have never heard of Gutenberg!

If possible, I would love to go to more WordPress meetups, but having a 1-year-old has prevented me from travelling too much. Hopefully, over the next few years, I’ll be able to venture out a bit more.

Thanks again to Dominic and Andrew for having me. I’d love to speak again at WPTW in the future, or just go along and enjoy the event. If you live nearby, definitely check it out.

About the author

Co-founder and lead front-end developer at Highrise Digital. Keith has a passion for building beautiful, fast and usable websites.