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Free up your time, save money and drive traffic to your website with a Broadbean integration.

Get up and running quickly with jobs appearing in WordPress and candidate applications being sent back to Broadbean.

Why integrate Broadbean with your WordPress website?

  1. Save time by automatically posting every Broadbean job advert to your own WordPress website.
  2. ​Increase applications to every job, including those that apply directly on your website.
  3. Keep all applications in one place. ​Collate all of the direct applications back to Broadbean.
  4. ​Eliminate costly and embarrassing admin errors which lose you valuable customers.
  5. ​Use your own website to build trust and authority with candidates.
  6. ​Integration is quick and easy – no developer skills required!

How we help you integrate Broadbean

  • Your WordPress website is added as a job board destination from your Broadbean account.
  • Jobs written in the Broadbean software are sent to your WordPress website, as well as other job boards, allowing you to display these jobs on your own site.
  • Candidates can apply, directly for jobs on your WordPress site and the applications appear in your Broadbean account along with other applications from other sources.
  • Customised application forms that look and feel like the rest of your website.
  • Peace of mind, as we handle all the technical details regarding the integration with Broadbean directly.
  • A test environment, separate to the rest of your site, where you can get familiar with how things work and request any job or application styling changes before you decide to take it live.

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"Before the integration, there was so much extra effort involved in posting jobs on our own website, that we just didn’t do it. We would receive visits to the job page, but it was either empty or only had jobs posted that were way out of date!

"The cost of adding the integration paid off from the very first month, as we received additional candidates directly from our own website.

"What we’re seeing now is those candidates returning to the website to search for other jobs, visit other pages, helping us to build trust and authority with our candidate base."

How Broadbean integrates with your WordPress website

Diagram showing how Broadbean works with WordPress

How to integrate Broadbean with WordPress

Every integration is different and will depend on your requirements and your current setup.

However, a typical integration involves us doing the following:

Build the integration

This stage depends on the job fields that you want to integrate and the current WordPress setup that you have. We can build a solution to almost any set of requirements.

Add specific templates to output jobs and applications

It’s likely that your site’s theme won’t display jobs nicely by default. As part of this service, we add the necessary template files to rectify this and can customise these as you require to ensure that your jobs look like the rest of your website.

Work with the Broadbean integrations team to build your feed

To get your site accepting jobs from your Broadbean account, we work with the integrations team at Broadbean to assist them in building you a job feed to your site. This allows you to select your WordPress site as a posting destination when writing jobs in Broadbean.

We communicate where they should send the data, what format the data should be in and how applications should be sent back to the Broadbean system to make sure that your integration works smoothly.

Testing and acceptance

So that you can familiarise yourself with how this integration works with your WordPress site, we make a clone of your site on our servers and put all the change on there for you to view. This enables you to test, ask questions about anything you are unsure about and request styling changes to how the jobs or application form looks.

The integration and any styling change only get copied to your live site once you are ready. This approach means your live site continues to function without interruption whilst development work takes place.

Screenshots of Broadbean and WordPress integration

Case study: Integrating Broadbean with WordPress for Bis Henderson

Bis Henderson came to us to integrate their existing WordPress site with the Broadbean recruitment software. We added a jobs section, allowed jobs written in WordPress to the posted to their site and applications made on their site to be tracked back to Broadbean.

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How long does it take?

This really depends on the functionality required, however as a guide Broadbean usually quote around a 3 week lead time for their development to start and then a 2 week development period, to complete the work. We can usually get our work done within this time period, but it does depend on exactly what you require.

How much does a WordPress/Broadbean integration cost?

The price of your integration will depend on:

  • The data that you want to pass between Broadbean and WordPress
  • How you want the jobs to be displayed on your site
  • Any additional functionality to add (e.g. search, filters, location search, etc.)

Book a free consultation and we’ll be able to give you a fixed-price quote for the work.

The Highrise Digital team photo
The Highrise Digital team.

Building you a perfect WordPress solution

We have integrated hundreds of WordPress sites with Broadbean in all sorts of different ways over the years.

Some of the functionality that we have built for our clients:

  • Auto-deletion of jobs on WordPress after a specific duration or date
  • A search facility on WordPress to find jobs from specific sectors, categories and locations
  • Candidate account sections to allow candidates to register an account on WordPress, store their CV and then use this for applications to jobs
  • Ability to allow candidates to bookmark jobs to easily view later
  • Location radius-based search facilities to allow candidates to search for jobs within a specific radius of a certain location

If you have something else in mind that you would like to create then do not hesitate to book a call with us.

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