LogicMelon integrations with WordPress

Highrise Digital are specialists at integrating LogicMelon with WordPress, taking care of getting you up and running with jobs appearing in WordPress and candidates being tracked back to LogicMelon.

Our integrations with LogicMelon allow the following:

  • Your WordPress website is added as a job board destination from your LogicMelon account
  • Jobs you write on LogicMelon can be sent to your WordPress website, as well as other job boards, allowing you to display these jobs on your own site
  • Candidates can apply for jobs on your WordPress site and the applications appear in your LogicMelon account along with other applications from other sources.

What is included in our service?

Our integration with LogicMelon for your WordPress site is a 5 step process. Here is a brief outline of this process:

  1. We add an endpoint to your WordPress website. This is essentially a URL to which LogicMelon can send the data about a job.
  2. We add code to the endpoint that receives the data, processes it and turns it into a job post.
  3. We add specific templates to your site for displaying jobs including
    • Job index listing all jobs
    • Job category archives listing all jobs from a specific category as well as a single job template which show the information about a single job.
    • Job application form template.
  4. Communicate with LogicMelon the specifics of how they should send the data to your WordPress site, including the format the data should be in and the data types that should be sent.
  5. Once LogicMelon has produced a “feed” to sent jobs to your site we fully test this is working for you and that applications are tracking back to LogicMelon.

Is an integration a standardised service or bespoke to a client?

In our experience most clients want a series of elements to an integration that are the same, however, we offer a completely bespoke service and therefore if you have any specific requirements we can usually accommodate them. Some examples of bespoke integration features we have developed are:

  • Auto-deletion of jobs on WordPress after a specific duration or date
  • A search facility on WordPress to find jobs from specific sectors, categories and locations
  • Candidate account sections to allow candidates to register an account on WordPress
  • Ability to allow candidates to bookmark jobs to easily view later
  • Location radius-based search facilities to allow candidates to search for jobs within a specific radius of a certain location


What do we need in order to complete an integration?

This often varies depending on your needs but the basic requirements are that you are running a WordPress website – yes that is all! In addition to this, we, of course, need to be provided access to your site codebase and database in order to be able to carry out an integration.

As with all development that we do at Highrise Digital we like to use version control and deployment tools to make our development safe. We, therefore, like to work on a staging site (a copy of your live site) in order to get the integration working, before deploying the changes live. We will need the necessary access to your site to do this – at the very least an FTP account.

How long does it take?

An integration is a 3-step process, outlined below:

  1. Prepare your WordPress site to receive jobs from LogicMelon and to send applications for jobs to LogicMelon.
  2. LogicMelon builds your feed to allow you to select your WordPress as a posting destination and accept application from jobs on your site.
  3. Testing – we test the integration fully, working with LogicMelon in order to make sure everything is working correctly.

Timescales vary depend on the specifics of an integration, however as a rough guide step 1 usually takes about 10 days, steps 2 and 3 is dependant on LogicMelon and out of our control however a typical lead-time is around 4 weeks.

How much does it cost?

As all integrations are different and complete bespoke to each client, we can’t really give a price here. We would need to get in touch with you to discuss your requirements.