WordPress consultancy

If you’re thinking about using WordPress or have an existing WordPress site, you’re bound to have questions about the capabilities or the best approach to take.

Our consultancy services are here to help you see the wood from the trees. Make use of our expertise and get the best out of WordPress so that every moment feels empowering and doesn’t leave you feeling frustrated.

We’ve seen it all

WordPress is a wonderful platform to work with and we are passionate about how it can help businesses achieve great things. It is incredibly powerful and flexible, but that ability to customise every element can feel overwhelming if you don’t know how to make use of it.

As a team, we’ve been working with WordPress for a combined total of 20 plus years and that means we’ve witnessed some truly fantastic approaches to working with WordPress and some truly terrible ones. We’re here to pass that experience and expertise on to you.

Our approach to consultancy

Our approach is to create balanced partnerships with our clients and develop a strong sense of trust. Our goal is to keep our clients happy and work with them over a long period of time, so it’s in our interest to give you good solid advice that stands the test of time.

We don’t believe in one-hit wonders or new faddy technology.

We take the time to truly understand what your business needs and work with you to find out the best and most cost-effective way to make that happen. How that happens in practice will depend on whether you have a retainer with us and how long we have been working together.

Here’s typically what you can expect:

  • Verbal conversation wherever possible to understand and discuss ideas. We are great fans of video calls using Google Hangout, but of course, phone conversations also help to achieve the same result.
  • We ask a lot of questions before we say or write much. We’ll take the time to properly consider your questions or needs, especially if they are complex and that might mean we need to confer with other members of our team.
  • We’re not here to be ‘yes-people’. If we believe a way you want to do something stores up problems for you for later we’ll tell you about it and take the time to help you understand why we have that opinion. The ultimate decision is of course up to you, but we believe it’s our duty to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything.
  • We can be your sounding board and help you get an unbiased expert opinion on different approaches to solving problems.

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