WordPress intranet development

Intranets are a great way of making employees feel connected. We use WordPress to build engaging intranets which allow companies to feel connected.

As a remote company we believe strongly that feeling connected with others in the digital space is very important and a company intranet is one of the best ways to achieve this, giving the ability to provide consistent, accurate and on brand communications to employees for medium to large sized businesses.

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Why do you need an intranet?

Intranets are great for a number of reasons, but for us it comes down to a few key reasons why they could be great for your organisation.

  • Information aggregation – getting the right information is critical and an intranet gives you a central place to keep it all together and put out a consistent message.
  • Fast information search – being able to find the aggregated information quickly is also important. An intranet makes searching for information simple.
  • Transparency – information transparency means all key personnel can see what is going on in your organisation. An intranet also allows easy permissions for information.
  • Employee engagement and productivity – when employees feel part of the team, connected with each other and able to see information easily they will be more engaged and more productive.
  • Own your own data – building your own WordPress intranet means all your data is yours. There is no sharing your information with other third party services.

Building an intranet for AMC Networks International

We worked with AMC Networks International in order to build their intranets across their different locations. We delivered a WordPress intranet solution which met their needs. Watch Andrew from AMC Networks chat about our work together.

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WordPress is perfect for building an intranet

WordPress is the ideal platform for building your company intranet. It contains a lot of out-of-the-box features which are important for successfully intranet. At Highrise Digital, because we know WordPress inside out, we can customise WordPress to work just the way you want it.

Out of the box WordPress gives us a lot of features, perfect for an intranet:

  • User management – different user permission levels for different types of users
  • Integrated menu system to allow editors to add, edit and remove menu items easily, making for a better navigation
  • Content types – WordPress gives us the ability to use different content types to keep content more organised
  • Open source & extensible – because the software is open source, we can develop integrations and more on top of the WordPress platform – the possibilities are endless!
  • Support for single sign-on meaning users can use existing logins where possible
  • Multisite option – as we are experts in building WordPress multisite installations you can run multiple websites from the same WordPress install. Maybe each department has an intranet?

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