WordPress plugin development

WordPress plugins can extend the functionality of your website in many ways, including:

Why custom plugins?

With so many off-the-shelf plugins to choose from, you might wonder why you would develop a custom plugin.

Although there are many powerful, well-built plugins to download, there are also many that:

  • Do too much – causing bloated code and interfaces
  • Aren’t extensible – meaning they are difficult to integrate or adapt
  • Have too many options – making them less stable and more confusing
  • Are poorly coded – increasing the likelihood of conflicts and errors
  • Are too loud – adding unsightly and annoying messages and notifications

Our custom built plugins are built to perfectly match your needs

We pride ourselves on building lean, fast and robust code tailored to meet your exact needs. Here’s a sample of the plugins and services we offer.

Interactive game plugin

We worked with Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) to create an online game to increase engagement with visitors to their website. We created a plugin that powers the game and allows all the content to be editable within their WordPress website, giving full control over the number of levels, questions, scoring and content within the game.

Read about our plugin development for WSUP

Can we help you?

If you need reliable, professional and experienced developers who know a thing or two about creating code that lasts get in touch. We’d love to hear how we can work together to extend the capabilities of WordPress to drive your business forward.

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