WordPress Developer Mentorship Programme

Our WordPress mentorship programme aims to help up-and-coming WordPress developers move to the next step in their development path.

Are you hoping to become a professional WordPress developer?

Do you want a deeper understanding of how WordPress works?

Are you looking to bring your skills to the next level?

It’s back!

We’re re-opening our mentorship programme. We’ll help you:

  • understand how WordPress works
  • learn WordPress development best practices
  • with advice on development workflow and tools
  • with guidance on next steps
  • answer specific development questions

About you

  • A student or graduate hoping to get into the WordPress industry
  • A freelancer wanting to improve their development skills
  • Someone new to WordPress development
  • Member of the UK WordPress community

Programme structure

This programme is loosely structured and isn’t a ‘course’. We realise that everyone will be at different stages and that we can all learn from each other.

The programme lasts for 20 weeks and there will be video calls every two weeks. We space it out so that you can make sufficient progress between calls to make every call valuable.

Slack channel

You’ll be invited to a private Slack channel where you can ask questions and chat with others in the programme.

Fortnightly video call

Every two weeks we’ll have a group video call on Google Hangouts, where we can discuss what we’ve been working on, show each other code and chat about any challenges that you are facing.

Start date

We’re aiming to open the doors again in early summer 2019.

We’re limiting the programme to ten places, so register your interest today!

How much does it cost?

Nothing. Nada. Not a penny.

We get a lot out of this too and we’re happy to give back to a community that has been so generous to us.

So, what are you waiting for?

Register your interest