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What is WP Café?

A series of live discussions with WordPress professionals talking about challenges, solutions and ideas around WordPress development.

Who is it for?

WP Café is for solo and small WordPress development teams who are trying to raise their game and help each other with some of the challenges of working in the WordPress eco-system.

Next Episode

Dealing with complex data structures in WordPress

Live on YouTube – Tuesday 11th August 2020 | 11 am (BST)

In this session, we’ll be joined by a panel of professional developers to discuss dealing with complex data structures in WordPress.

Your hosts

This discussion will be hosted by Mark Wilkinson and Keith Devon.

Mark is co-founder and lead developer at Highrise Digital. He’s an experienced and passionate speaker on all-things WordPress.

Keith is the other co-founder of Highrise Digital and the lead front-end developer.

Mark Wilkinson
Keith Devon

Topics for discussion

  • When to use
    • Taxonomies
    • Post meta
    • Post types
    • Custom database tables
  • and much more…

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Future discussions

  • Contracts
  • Project management

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