Talk: How to write extensible WordPress code

When developing WordPress plugins and themes it makes sense to allow to them to be extended and modified. To do this you need to write extensible code. I recently presented a talk to the WordPress Cheltenham meet-up group about how to write extensible WordPress code. Watch the video and view the slides in this post.

  • How to write extensible WordPress code

    Me! Presenting at WordPress Cheltenham meetup group.

I was kindly invited to speak at the WordPress Cheltenham meetup this week and my talk was titled “How to write extensible WordPress code”. I have a really great time meeting new people and seeing some old friends from the WordPress community. It is a lovely, well-organised group and if you are in the area I can highly recommend that you get yourself down for the next meetup in October.

View my slides on How to write extensible WordPress code.

P.S. this was the first time I videoed my own talk and I was pleased with the outcome, apart from the audio which was a bit echoey. I think this was due to a last minute change in USB port for the camera and the recording software defaulted the audio input device to the wrong one (although I am not certain!). Hopefully get it better next time.

Learn more about how to write extensible WordPress code by reading our guide to using WordPress hooks.

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