Webinar: Integrating Broadbean with WordPress

Are you a recruitment company that uses WordPress? Do you also use Broadbean to post your jobs to multiple destinations and track candidates across those platforms? Would you like to able to post jobs you write in Broadbean to your WordPress website? If so, this webinar is for you as we will guide you through the process and answer your questions.

The Broadbean job posting & distribution service is a popular one as it allows recruiters to post jobs to multiple job boards whilst only ever writing a job in one place. All candidate applications for jobs can be managed in the same place too, as they are all funnelled back into Broadbean. This saves recruiters a lot of time and effort.

As a WordPress agency, we have been integrating Broadbean with WordPress for a number of years. Our integrations mean the jobs you write in Broadbean can be published directly to your WordPress site, from the Broadbean interface, without the need to write a job in the WordPress dashboard. Like other job destinations you use in Broadbean, candidates can apply on your WordPress site through a form, and the applications are tracked back to Broadbean, to appear alongside applications from other job boards.

Watch the video

You can watch the webinar on the video embedded below.

Where and when?

Date: Monday 11th March 2019

Time: 12:00 GMT

What will be included in the webinar?

We want to give recruiters, using WordPress the opportunity to learn and little more about how Broadbean can be integrated with a WordPress site. The webinar will cover the following:

  • A brief overview of what integration is
  • What is needed from a WordPress site owner in order to complete an integration
  • The steps involved in completing an integration
  • Technical requirements for your WordPress site
  • Case studies
  • The different integration options you have
  • Questions from the audience
The Highrise Digital team photo
The Highrise Digital team.

We want your questions

As this is a live webinar we would love it if attendees could take part. I am sure you have questions about integrating Broadbean and this webinar is the time to ask them.

You will be able to post comments and questions and we will try and answer as many as we can.

If you have a burning question about integrating Broadbean with WordPress then this webinar is for you!

About the author

Mark is the lead WordPress developer at Highrise Digital. He has been working with WordPress for over 15 years, way back to 2005. He focuses on back-end development, integrating the website build with WordPress so everything can be editable.