Integrating WordPress with job posting services [Broadbean, LogicMelon]

Highrise Digital are experts in integration WordPress with popular job posting solutions such as Broadbean and LogicMelon. In this post we outline the options available to those using these job posting solutions.

Do you run a recruitment website on WordPress?

Are you currently using, or want to use, a job posting service like Broadbean or LogicMelon?

Would you love to be able to automatically send jobs to your WordPress website and have the applications handled centrally back at the job posting service?

The good news: all of this is possible!

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What is a job posting service?

By ‘job posting service’ we’re talking about online software that allows you to post jobs and handle applications to those jobs from a central interface. The two main providers that we work with are Broadbean and LocigMelon. These services will allow you to post to multiple job boards, but did you know that you can also use them to post jobs directly to your website?

Why integrate with your WordPress site?

By using a job posting service to post jobs directly to your WordPress website you:

  • Save time by only having to write content once.
  • Can easily manage all applications in one place.
  • Allow job searchers to find your website directly.

How to integrate Broadbean or LogicMelon with WordPress

We have developed a number of solutions for integrating with Broadbean and LogicMelon. Lets take a look at each below.

WP Broadbean WordPress Plugin

We have developed a free plugin called WP Broadbean. It works with both Broadbean and LogicMelon.

This plugin will:

  • Create a ‘Jobs’ custom post type on your WordPress site.
  • Create custom taxonomies for job type, job location, job skill tags and job categories.
  • Create a custom post type for applications.
  • Creates an application form on your website. This integrates with the jobs custom post type, to allow people to apply for the listed jobs.

You’ll need to work with Broadbean to set up the feed. This is the simplest way to integrate Broadbean with your WordPress site. However, there are some limitations, including:

  • Your job posts won’t have custom layout/styling
  • It doesn’t work with other Job manager plugins (see WP Job Manager Add-On below)
  • You need a little developer knowledge to get things up and running
  • You won’t be able to search for job specifically in WordPress

Highrise Digital Custom Job Integrator Plugin

This is a plugin we have developed which does much of what the WP Broadbean plugin does with the following added benefits:

  • Simply styling is available as part of the plugin for the job pages. These are also very developer friendly meaning you can overwrite them in your theme very easily.
  • Easy extended with developer friendly action hooks and filters. This means you can customise things like the job fields or the fields in the application form.
  • Add-ons available for search and auto deleting jobs after a specific time period.

This is delivered by the Highrise Digital team as a service and we would provide you a quote based on your unique requirements.

WP Job Manager Add-On

Many WordPress recruitment sites we help with are using the very popular WP Job Manager plugin. We have built an add-on plugin for this called the WP Job Manager Broadbean Add-on which allows WordPress sites running the WP Job Manager plugin to receive from either Broadbean or LogicMelon. It also allows for candidate applications to be tracked back to Broadbean or LogicMelon if you are running the Applications add-on.

This plugin requires a little development knowledge as information about how to send the jobs to WordPress needs to be provided to the integrations team at Broadbean or LogicMelon. All this information is provided in your plugin download, however we can always help with the integration.

How to integrate other job services with WordPress

Although we don’t have the answers for every service, if they provide an API to work with, then there’s a good chance we could develop a solution for you.

A full managed integration service

Using existing WordPress plugins often means installing, setting up and integrating things yourself. We can offer a full managed integration, often for set price and get everything sorted for you so that you can concentrate on placing candidates.

Further questions

If you have any further question then please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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