Better Core Video Embeds

WordPress plugin

Efficiently load embedded video content with the core embed block, by removing unnecessary resources until the user interacts with a video.

Watch how easy Better Core Video Embeds make your videos more efficient.

The problem with core WordPress embeds

When you embed a video from Youtube (for example), all of the Youtube resources (scripts and styles etc.) are loaded onto the page.

These resources load whether or not your visitors has interacted with the video or not.

All these additional resources just at bloat to the page and slow down your page speeds.

Better Core Video Embeds to the rescue!

Better Core Video Embeds prevents these scripts and styles from loading until the user actually interacts with the video.

It does this by replacing the video embed, on page load with the video thumbnail image (added on Youtube, Vimeo or Daily Motion or added as a custom thumbnail in the editor). When a user clicks the thumbnail, the embedded video, along with associated scripts and styles are loaded.

Which video services are supported?

Currently the plugin will enhance any embedded video from the following video providers:

Can I add a custom video thumbnail?

Yes! The plugin adds a new section to embed block allowing you to upload or select an image to use as the video thumbnail.

Any other noteworthy features?

The plugin ensures that all Youtube videos use the “no cookie” Youtube domain to load in the videos. This means that less cookies are loaded into the users browser from Youtube. Combined with a custom thumbnail, this should mean that no requests to Youtube are made until the user interacts with the video.

Is there a demo?

Yes, you can see the plugin in action at the top of this page!

What people are saying about Better Core Video Embeds

This is an example of an excellent plugin. Just activate and get immediate enhancement when using the embed blocks from WordPress. If deactivated, everything still works as before, but then without the enhancement. No “lock in”

Knut Sparhell

The plugin does exactly what it says it does and works wonderfully. Rather than reinventing the wheel or requiring another block with duplicate functionality, it simply enhances the core block to make it better. It’s a pattern I hope other block developers follow in the future.

Patrick Boehner