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What happens to your data?

The information here tells you about what happens to the data entered into this form. It should, of course, be read alongside our privacy policy.

What data does this form collect?

When you fill in and submit this form we capture the following data:

  • Name – we need this to be able to politely address you
  • Email address – this is our main method of communication and enables us to respond to your enquiry.
  • Message – this is the enquiry message you have submitted and enables to see what you need help with.
  • Privacy acceptance – the fact you have read and accepted our privacy policy in terms of processing your data
  • Date and time of the entry – we need to store this to help us manage our enquiries and triage them and it also helps us timestamp when consent was given for this data processing
  • Embed url – we store the URL of where this form was filled in (usually this page). This helps us understand where users are viewing our contact forms

What do we do with the data collected from this form?

The data that is collected from this form is stored in our database as well as being forwarded on to our project management software. We do this to allow us to more easily triage our enquiries and provide a better service to you.

How long will you keep this data for?

If you turn into a client of ours and we undertake some work for you then we will keep your enquiry information for a period of 7 years. We do this because we need to maintain records for our financial transaction and for tax purposes.

If your enquiry does not lead to you becoming a client of ours, we keep your enquiry for a period of 1 year after it was first created. After which we will either delete it off our systems or anonymise it, by removing your personally identifiable data, notable your name and email address.

Our official registered business address is:

35 Station Approach
West Byfleet
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