About Highrise Digital

Find out a bit more about the company and the team behind the work we do.

Our story

Back in 2014, two WordPress freelancers came together to work on a project. Keith Devon was looking for some additional development resource and he’d just seen Mark Wilkinson give a talk at the WordPress London meetup about deployment workflows.

Mark and Keith started working together on that project and kept the relationship going for the next couple of years. Their skills were complementary, with Mark being back-end and Keith front-end focused, and they shared common ideas around values, best practices and the WordPress community.

At a café table in London, in early 2016, Keith and Mark got together to discuss joining forces. They came up with a name and a logo and Highrise Digital was born.

Our mission was to build better WordPress sites by focusing on painless content management and website performance. That’s still our driving force today.

Growing the team

We’ve since welcomed Jonathan Frascella to the team as a full-time front-end developer. Jonathan brings a wealth of skills and experience to the team, as well as an incredibly easy-going manner.

As the team grows, and the work we do becomes more challenging, we’ve needed to focus more on project management. We’ve been very lucky to be working with Hannah Smith (@hanopcan) to improve our project management and business processes.

The future

We believe that continuing to do great work, for great people, with a great team is the best way to ensure future success. We hope to continue to grow the team (although not too fast or too big) and to continue to deliver effective, custom WordPress solutions to our clients. We’d love to welcome you along on that journey.

WordPress development team - Highrise Digital
Selfie time! - The Highrise Digital team at a team retreat

What we do

At Highrise Digital we are relentlessly passionate about building better WordPress sites for post‑small, pre‑enterprise businesses. We believe in a higher standard of WordPress development.

By working with us you’re choosing a development partner who will:

  • Make website content management faster and easier, maybe even fun.
  • Delight your visitors by making sure your page load times are lightning fast.
  • Use the best on-site SEO practices to optimise your SEO efforts.
  • Build a web platform that can grow with your business.

Highrise Digital work in a different way. We build custom, lean, forward looking websites that are tailored to your content and your business requirements.

How do we do it?

  • By listening to you about the needs of your business and your customers. We work with our clients to build detailed project specifications, so you get exactly what you need.
  • By deeply understanding the fundamentals of how WordPress works. We build things the “WordPress Way” and can solve the problems that others can’t.
  • By investing in the future and making your site robust and extensible.
  • By building long-term partnerships with our clients. We can be your outsourced web team.
  • By building custom WordPress themes to match your designs and functionality without any additional bloat.
  • By developing custom plugins to handle custom functionality and integrations.
  • By customising the WordPress admin to make adding and editing your content a breeze.
  • By leveraging the best 3rd-party plugins to save on development time and costs when this is the right thing to do.

Meet the team

The company is completely remote, working from all over the country, and currently consist of 2 full time employees. Find out a little more about them below.

Mark Wilkinson

Job Title: Co-founder & Developer

Keith Devon

Job Title: Co-founder & Front-end Developer

Community involvement

We’re huge advocates of giving back to the communities that we operate in.

No web company has ever become successful without relying on the help of others, and we believe in sharing our knowledge and helping to nurture the next generation of WordPress professionals.

We do this by running a mentoring programme, and by giving talks at, and sponsoring and supporting, local meetups and national WordCamps.