Future CSS

Written by Keith Devon on April 14, 2018

In April 2018, I had the honour of giving a talk at WordCamp London. My talk was about some of the cool new CSS properties that we can start to use today and some that aren’t quite ready but are worth getting excited about.

I’ve been involved in the WordPress community in London for a long time – since I started the WordPress London meetup group. I’ve given various talks on WordPress at that meetup and I’ve also given one lightning talk at WordCamp London before (on responsive images) but this was my first main talk at a WordCamp.

It was a brilliant experience and the feedback was amazing. Below, you can see the talk video and the slides.



P.S. I’m a natural introvert, so public speaking doesn’t come easily to me! However, I’ve managed to find some tips and tricks to cope with speaking in public and even enjoy the experience.