Test your website on Google for Jobs

Are your jobs on the World’s biggest (and free) job board? This simple test will help you to find out.

Testing your website for Google for Jobs is actually really simple.

  1. Go to https://search.google.com/test/rich-results
  2. Enter the URL of one of your job posts. (E.g. https://yourwebsite.com/jobs/finance-controller-2754)
  3. Click the ‘TEST URL’ button
  4. Under “Detected Structured Data” look for “Job Postings”
Screenshot showing the results page for the Rich Results Test

If you can’t see ‘Job Postings’, it means that your website doesn’t have the required structured data on the page.

If you can see ‘Job Postings’, you’ll see either:

  • A green tick – the data is present and correct.
  • A yellow triangle – there are some issues with the data.
  • A red cross – there are serious issues with the data that will prevent the job from being displayed.

How to diagnose the warnings and errors

If you can see the orange triangle or red cross, it means that you have warnings or errors.

Warnings are issues that you can fix if you want to. Errors need to be fixed for Google to pull your jobs.

Next, click on ‘Job Postings’…

Screenshot of the 'Rich Test Results with Job postings' highlighted

Then click on the job under ‘Detected items’.

This will expand the job data and you can then look for the warnings and errors.

Screenshot of Job postings page showing warnings
Screenshot of Job postings page showing warnings

How to fix issues with Google for Jobs

We’ll have a full guide on fixing common errors and issues soon.

For now, the best next step is to talk to your website provider/developer to see if they can implement the structured data required.

If you want to talk to us about Google for Jobs for your website, then please get in touch.

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