Removing the risk from your project by giving fixed-cost, guaranteed quotes


All of our development work is fixed cost and guaranteed.

This means that you know exactly how much working with us will cost from the start. No hidden fees, no unexpected extras, no estimates.

We’ll let you know exactly how we’re going to help you and you know exactly how much that will cost.

If something takes us longer than we expected, we think it’s fair that we take the hit, not you. After all, it’s not your fault if we get it wrong.

365 day guarantee

Our development work is guaranteed for a full year.

If what we’ve delivered for you breaks in that time, we’ll fix it free of charge. The risk is (and should be) on us.

By guaranteeing our work, we’re forced to write higher quality code, so you’ll get a robust and extensible website/plugin/platform that is built to last.

Only pay if we deliver

If we can’t do what we say we can then we’ll refund the full amount that you’ve spent with us.

This forces us to deeply understand your needs and be honest about our capabilities of delivering what we say we will.

We only want to work on projects where we are certain that we can deliver.

Are we expensive?

We’ll probably be one of the more, if not the most, expensive quotes that you receive.

That’s because we are:

  • Taking on all of the project risk
  • Guaranteeing our work
  • Offering refunds

What’s your hourly rate?

We don’t have one.

We’ll work with you to deeply understand your project goals and then we’ll give you a fixed price – that we stand behind – so that you can make a confident buying decision.

Starting prices

Our projects start from £10,000* for custom website development.

Design and development starts at £15,000*.

* All prices + VAT