Recruitment website process

Achieve your goals and reduce your risk.

A design and development process has been tested and refined for more than 10 years.

Project discovery

The first, and most important stage of a project. During project discovery we will work with you to define the project goals and create a technical specification that gives you maximum impact for your budget.

Taking the time up front to agree on clear progress and success metrics (makes) the difference between disappointment and delight.

Jonathan Stark


Taking your branding and content structure (as defined in ‘Project discovery’), we will work with you to create a flexible, branded web design system.

Your design system will be built on timeless design principles, keeping it relevant for years to come.

* The design phase is optional. We’re happy to work with your design agency of choice or internal design team.


We will build you a custom, lightweight and robust WordPress site using the latest block-editor.

You will have all the flexibility that you need to create engaging pages while keeping on-brand.


Your site will be tested in the latest version of all major browsers at varying device sizes.

Key functionality will be thoroughly tested before launch.


Using an extensive pre-launch checklist we’ll ensure that your website launch goes smoothly.

Launch will be followed by further testing to ensure that redirects and all key functionality is working correctly.

Maintenance and support

Through a monthly support plan, we’ll ensure that your website is running smoothly and that you have the support you need to get the most out of your new site.

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