WordPress Care Plans

Our WordPress website care plans are designed to give you peace of mind and a long-term development partner you can rely on.

We work with you to ensure that your business and your site keep pace with the ever changing world of the web. Our care plan packages allow us to work together to keep your site safe, up to date and relevant by giving you consultancy and development time when you need it.

Our WordPress website care plans

We offer two flavours of WordPress care plan.

We know that our clients come in all different shapes and sizes so if you can’t see what you need below please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our plans


Retainer plus maintenance

A guaranteed set amount of hours per month that allow you to set priorities for how we support you.Our retainer package plus a set of predefined maintenance tasks we carry out on your site every week.
On demand access to Highrise Digital’s consultancy and development services
Monthly call to discuss priorities
Your own Trello board to track our activity and communicate with us
Version controlled code and professional deployment tools
A staging site
Managed updates for plugins, themes and WordPress itself once a week
Daily backups with a 90 day archive in a self-serve repository
Site migration to new hosting (if required)
Uptime monitoring
Automated security scans
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Care plan FAQs

There’s a lot to take on board and consider when choosing a development partner. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to

Get in touch

Can you tell me more about why maintenance is important?

Yes, we’d love to. We have written a blog post about the topic called ‘Why WordPress maintenance is important‘.

What are the different payment schedules on offer and how do they work?

Our different payment schedules are designed to offer you flexibility when entering into an agreement with us. You can choose from two billing cycles:

  • Every month
  • Every three months

Whatever payment schedule you commit to, we always ask our clients to pay for care plans before we begin work. Up front payments allow us to plan our capacity with certainty and balance the diverse needs of our different clients.

Monthly billing

When you agree to work with us and ask for your billing on a monthly schedule, we initially send you two separate invoices.

Invoice one – covers the hours you wish us to commit to you in a single month and is payable immediately. On payment of this invoice work we are able to begin work immediately with you.

Invoice two – arrives at the same time as invoice one, but is payable in one month’s time. As with invoice one, this invoice covers the hours you wish us to commit to you in a single month.

Subsequent invoices – these are sent to you every month, approx. one month in advance of the month you wish us to commit hours to you.

Three monthly billing

Clients who commit to working with us for a period of three months are offered a 10% discount on our day rate and are sent one invoice for every three month period.

Invoice one – this covers all the hours you wish us to book from us over a three month period. For example, should you wish to book 1 day of our time a month, this invoice will cover three days of our time, for months one, two and three. It is payable immediately and once payment is received work can commence.

Subsequent invoices – you will receive a new invoice every three months for as long as you wish to continue using our services. This invoice will arrive approx. a month before the next batch of services are required.

How do you version control code?

We believe that sound version control of code and other important documents, is an essential part of maintaining a good website in the long-term. If you’d like to read more about what code version control is and how it helps, there is an excellent article called ‘What is version control’ by Atlassian that we would recommend.

As for how we specifically do it, we use a suite of well-known and robust tools such as a GitHub and DeployHQ to manage code and deployments quickly and effectively.

What is a staging site?

A staging site is a complete clone of your existing website that you can access via the internet via it’s own distinct web address. This allows all of us (you and us!) to preview changes to a site and test they are up to standard before they go live. Staging sites may be hidden behind a username and password, and Google and other search engines are discouraged from displaying the site in their search results.

Can I access the backups myself?

Yes – we believe in transparency and allowing you to serve yourself as much as possible. All the backups we take of your site are sent to a GoogleDrive folder that we share with you and as many members of your team as you need.

Can you provide recommendations of good hosting?

Yes we have a number of different hosting providers we have worked with over the years that can recommend. We don’t provide our own hosting as we prefer our clients to remain in control of their own hosting arrangements.

What is uptime monitoring?

Uptime monitoring is an automated check of your website to make sure it is up and running. Your site is frequently checked and if it is found to be down you will receive your choice of text or email alert.

What happens if I'd like to cancel my contract with you?

When you begin working with us, we offer a one month cool-off period which applies to the very first invoice we issue you. This means that during the very first month of working together, you are able to terminate your contract with us at any time and for any reason. We will provide a refund for any unused time during that month.

Beyond the first month of working together, you are able to cancel your contract with one month’s notice. You may receive another invoice from us if you have not paid for a full thirty days up front before ending your agreement with us.

An example. You are on a monthly billing schedule and usually receive your invoices on the 1st of the month. On the 15th of June you let us know that you no longer need services from Highrise Digital. As our clients pay upfront for our services you will have already paid half of the thirty day notice period in your previous invoice. You will receive a final invoice to cover the period from the 1st July until the 15th July.

If you are paying us every three months, the cancellation period is sixty days. We will cease providing our services to you from sixty days after you notify us. You may receive another invoice from us if you have not paid for a full sixty days up front before ending your agreement with us, or you may receive a refund for any time you have paid for beyond sixty days.

An example. You are on a three monthly billing cycle with us that begins on 1st January. On the 15th January you inform us that circumstances within your business have changed and you no longer require our services. We continue to work with you and provide you with our services until the 15th March. We refund you from the 15th March until the end of March.

I’ve got more questions, how can I get in touch?

We are dedicated to providing an honest and transparent service and are always happy to answer your questions. Please get in touch via our contact form and you’ll hear from us shortly.