How a detailed project specification can set you up for success

Why a website specification document is the right thing to have when building a new website.

A detailed projected specification (spec) is one of the most important factors in the success of a web project. We often receive enquiries for great looking projects, but that lack this crucial part of the process. That’s why we just published our guide to writing website specification documents.

In the guide, we explain what is necessary to include in a spec, so that a development team can quote on the build. There will be other requirements that are specific to your project, and likewise, some of the sections may not be applicable, but we feel that this is a good starting point for the majority of website projects.

A clearly defined specification is essential for a successful project. A good specification will:

  • Enable you to communicate your exact needs
  • Speed up development time
  • Act like a set of instructions for developers to work from

Need help writing your specification?

If you don’t have the internal expertise to answer the questions in the guide, we can help. We provide a project discovery service where we work with you to create a website specification that sets you up for a successful project. Find out more about our project discovery service.

About the author

Co-founder and lead front-end developer at Highrise Digital. Keith has a passion for building beautiful, fast and usable websites.