Talk: How to write an effective website specification document at WordPress Glasgow

Earlier this week I visited the WordPress Glasgow meetup in order to present a talk about how to write a website specification document, something which we think is an important part of any website project. You view the slides and watch the video.

I previously wrote a popular blog post, a guide to writing a website specification document and this talk was based around that blog post.

Video: A guide on how to write an effective website specification document

Below is a video of the talk I gave at WordPress Glasgow meetup on Tuesday 26th March 2019.

Talk slides

View the slides of my talk below (click the talk title to view them larger).

About the author

Mark is the lead WordPress developer at Highrise Digital. He has been working with WordPress for over 15 years, way back to 2005. He focuses on back-end development, integrating the website build with WordPress so everything can be editable.