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If you’re looking for a generic design that hides you in the crowd then there are plenty of off-the-shelf themes out there.

But if you want something that truly represents your brand, makes you stand out from the crowd, and helps you achieve your targets, then our web design services might be for you.

At Highrise Digital we believe that great design is based on achieving business goals. Instead of focusing on the latest, shiny design trends, our designs are highly functional.

We design websites that engage visitors and inspire them to take action.

We do this by:

  • Keeping things simple
  • Making the user-journey clear
  • Letting the content take centre stage
  • Expressing your brand values
  • Optimising for mobile devices
  • Staying focused on goals

Case study

We worked with Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) to give them more control over their content, a consistent brand experience, lower bounce rates and faster site speeds.

Bounce rates have halved and downloads have doubled

Steve Metcalfe, Head of Communications for WSUP

View the full case study to watch the video and find out what Steve Metcalfe, Head of Communications for WSUP, had to say about working with us.


View WSUP case study and video

Doesn't WordPress limit my design options?

Many people think that all WordPress websites look the same. It’s true that if you use a popular theme or framework, then there’s a fair chance that your site will look ‘samey’.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

With a custom WordPress theme, your website can be as unique as your business. A good WordPress designer will almost ignore the platform entirely, and focus the design fully around your requirements.

Case study

Datashredders wanted to refresh their website with a clean, responsive design.

We worked with them to modernise their web presence and deliver a lightning fast website.

  • iPhone screenshot of Data Shredders homepage
  • iPad screenshot of Data Shredders home page
  • Desktop screenshot of Data Shredders homepage

Designing for content management systems

The ultimate point of WordPress is to allow site owners control over their website. It’s therefore important that websites are designed in a way that takes content management into consideration.

If every page and module is unique, then editing the site becomes more and more complex. There is a trade-off to be made between design complexity and ease of content management.

Design complexity vs Ease of editing

The correct approach will depend on how you’ll use the site, the size of the site and your budget.

A typical design process

Research and discovery

Working together we’ll find out who the site is for, what it’s meant to ‘do’, and the goals that it needs to hit and measure.

We’ll look at your competition, design trends and your brand guidelines to establish ideas around ‘look and feel’.

Content architecture

Websites are all about content and we take a ‘content-first’ approach to design.

We’ll help you to break your content down into a logical structure and start building a sitemap that will guide the navigation and page structure of the site.

At this stage, we can also start to break content into ‘blocks’ that can be re-used throughout the website.

User interface design (UI)

Using your brand guidelines and inspiration from the discovery phase, we’ll start building up a style language for the website.

This will guide our use of colour, typography, imagery as well as common UI elements like links, menus and forms.


We’ll pull together a selection of UI elements (header, blocks, footer, etc) to build some high-fidelity mockups of key pages.

These will give the best representation of what a visitor will actually see in the browser before we actually start the development.

WordPress development

Once you have a design that works, it will need to be integrated with WordPress.

There’s no point in having the most beautiful design if your website is slow, inaccessible and unusable.

We’ll leverage the power of the open source community but have the skills to create custom solutions where needed. This will keep your website fast, extensible and robust.


With a lightning-fast front-end, your website will ‘feel’ as good as it looks. A great design doesn’t have to come at the expense of site speed.

Search engines

By focusing on performance and usability, your site will be primed for great SEO. Page speed and engagement metrics are set to be huge ranking factors in 2019.

Content management

We’re always looking for ways to make content management easier for you. This means clean admin interfaces, better data structure and intuitive UIs.


Your website isn’t finished when it’s launched. We know that you’ll want to add new features and functionality so we build the site in a highly extensible way.

Website design pricing

How much does WordPress web design cost?

There’s no set cost for design. It depends on what’s included in the design process (e.g. branding, logo design, content architecture) and the budget available.

For example, if you have a design budget of £2,000, and the branding and content in place, then we could use that budget to wireframe the page templates and produce high-fidelity mockups of a few pages, with limited revisions.

However, if you have £10,000 to spend, then we can go through the process of research, personas, user-journeys, content architecture, full wireframes, and full mockups, with multiple stages of revisions.

For us, £2,000 would be our lower limit for a design phase.

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